TMS For Inspectors


TMS 6.0 is perfect for inspection, testing and engineering companies. Use TMS with multiple clients to increase the productivity and profitability of your company.

Industry Trends

Almost every process industry is concerned with mechanical integrity and recognizes the need for a computerized data management and reporting system. More and more industries expect their outside inspection companies to use data management software, but are concerned about getting “locked in” to a proprietary inspection company program.

Why Invest in TMS?  

Because you’re in the inspection business, you probably already know these things and have thought about buying a software program, or even developing one yourself. So why should you invest in TMS?

“You’re in the inspection and testing business, not the software business”

At Two Rivers Technologies, we’re database specialists, not your competitors. So you can spend your time doing what you do best – providing excellent services to your clients – and let us take care of upgrades, maintenance, training and support.

Your clients will have the confidence of knowing you are using a commercially available, independent program with all the features they expect, plus much more!
Your clients can maintain data and reports in the same format using TMS, or they can use our TMS Reader to view and print the data you supply.

First class mechanical integrity software would cost you well into six figures to develop, plus the time and effort to continually maintain and upgrade it.

” With TMS you can have the best mechanical integrity software for a fraction of what it would take to develop your own”

We value your input into the development of future versions of TMS. As we make TMSsoftware the standard of the industry, your feedback can help us develop features that serve your needs even better.

We look forward to your company becoming the next enthusiastic user of TMS 6.0….