SmartChecklists software is a PC-based network application designed to help our clients efficiently obtain and evaluate data from surveys, interviews, and periodic inspections.

SmartChecklists evaluate and report data in a manner that facilitates finding opportunities, identifying problems, tracking trends and meeting industry and regulatory reporting requirements.

SmartChecklists can jump-start an organization’s development and deployment of valuable survey or checklist information. SmartChecklists provides a retrievable, searchable database for all your surveys, polls, inspections or checklists needs.


SmartChecklists are set up in a consistent format, designed for ease of use and functionality. Demographic and other relevant data are entered into a General Information form. The checklist itself consists of questions or statements (“items”) along with two or more standard descriptive responses and corresponding integer values. Comments may also be added for each question or statement.


The content of the SmartChecklists comes from your organization, your consultants, and industry standards or, in many cases, from regulatory agencies. The content ofSmartChecklists may come from a checklist form that you are currently using and wish to adapt to an electronic format.

Data Collection

SmartChecklists are designed to make collection simple and easy. Using drop-down menus, each checklist item is assigned a numeric value and a corresponding description. The data can be entered in a number of ways.

· Paper forms. This is the time-honored method of collecting checklist data and in many cases is still the most effective. The SmartChecklists program allows the user to print out professional looking paper forms for field data collection.
The results are then entered directly in the General Information form by typing or selecting from drop-down menus. The checklist form is completed using drop-down menus to assign each item a numeric value and corresponding description. Comments can be entered for any item.

· Pocket PC. SmartChecklists can be uploaded to a PDA and completed by your staff as they conduct inspections. After the checklists are completed, the results can be downloaded directly to the PC.

· Combination. Use a combination of any of the above methods to enter data into a central database.

Data evaluation and reporting

Much time and money and perfectly good data are wasted trying to evaluate hard copy surveys by hand. SmartChecklists allow you to sort, filter and evaluate hundreds or thousands of survey responses in a fraction of the time it would take just to tabulate the results manually. Our clients are able to present raw data as well as evaluation results using the built-in text and graphic reports.