TMS 6.0 Fundamentals Class

We provide a standard 2-day training class for new users to get your mechanical integrity data management program off to a fast start.  Upon completion of the class, your team will have a solid foundation of what data you need and how to enter it effectively for your organization.

Customized TMS 6.0 Classes

We also teach advanced classes tailored to the specific needs of an individual plant or company that has mastered the fundamentals and now wants to make even better use of their mechanical integrity data.


Through our interaction with numerous clients since 1996, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to have an effective data management program. Even if you’re using different MI software (or none at all) we can help you get your data gathering, storage and reporting activities in order so you make the best use of your contractors, in-house personnel and software resources.

Data Conversion

Many facilities are using older commercial database systems, programs that were developed in-house and spreadsheets. In some cases there are many different programs in use performing the same or similar functions. Contact us about converting your existing data into TMS so you start enjoying all the benefits of a well-documented, comprehensive network-ready application. Your staff can concentrate on business, not on becoming computer experts!

Data Entry

Every plant has current and historic data in paper files and as well as spreadsheets, databases, and graphic and text documents. We can offer data entry services or work with your plant clerical and inspection personnel to help them make the most effective use of the available information.