About Us

Two Rivers Technologies, with offices in Birmingham, Alabama and Columbus, Georgia was founded in 1996. Our name is taken from the “two rivers”, the Cahaba and the Coosa, that flow near the original Birmingham offices.

The Columbus office is located just steps from the Chattahoochee river, but we don’t plan on changing the name to “Three Rivers” anytime soon!

Since late 1996, the company’s primary focus has been developing and providing support for its mechanical integrity software, TMS 5.1.

Key Personnel

The company’s President, Andrew D. Bussey, PE, completed his undergraduate studies at Georgia Tech in Civil Engineering and holds both a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech and an MBA from Georgia State University. Mr. Bussey has been a Licensed Professional Engineer specializing in Engineering and Inspection Services for over 25 years.

Our Chief Programmer, Eddie Kominek, has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He has specialized in computer programming for industrial applications using Visual Basic and Sequel Server. Prior to joining Two Rivers Technologies in 2001, he developed real time heat rate control operations for Southern Company.